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BetterPoints builds a unique travel impact calculator for WWF

BetterPoints builds a unique travel impact calculator for WWF

We are delighted to announce the launch of a fun journey-planning, travel impact calculator that we’ve built for the WWF Cities Team. The new Travel Better tool is designed to help people realise the impact of their current travel choices for everyday journeys, and to encourage them to change mobility behaviours.

Covid-19 has turned our world upside down more rapidly than we could ever have imagined. Widespread quarantines have greatly limited our possibilities to travel. One unexpected consequence of this crisis has been the sudden appearance of blue skies over large cities that are otherwise often trapped under a haze of air pollution.

But clean air doesn’t just enable clear views, it actually saves lives. And as lockdowns ease, we may be more motivated than ever before to improve our health while maintaining healthy air quality – two things that go hand in hand.

WWF commissioned the Better Travel calculator to support people around the world in making the right travel choices. Along with environmental impacts the calculator shows the potential health impacts of your daily commute. Try it out and see how you can travel better!

Check it out at travelbetter.panda.org.

Go Back-to-Better with BetterPoints

BetterPoints is a world-leading scalable and customisable behaviour change platform. Whether you need to motivate people coming out of lockdown or encourage your workforce to make sustainable transport choices, we can help. 
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