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Rental bikes with QR codes reward sustainable travel in Brighton & Hove

Rental bikes with QR codes reward sustainable travel in Brighton & Hove

The Brighton & Hove bike rental scheme, BTN BikeShare, has adorned the baskets of its bicycles with BetterPoints QR codes, to make it easy for people to join the local Move for Change challenge. 

Move for Change, which launched in February, was commissioned by Brighton & Hove City Council to reward people for travelling actively and sustainably around the city. 

Residents and commuters can collect BetterPoints (our virtual currency) and BetterTickets (prize draw entries) for walking, cycling, running and using public transport, which can then be exchanged for discounts and vouchers at local shops – or donated to local charities, including Pedal People, FareShare Sussex, and Brighton Festival Fringe.

BTN BikeShare’s QR code enables people to download the BetterPoints app straight onto their smartphones and start earning rewards for sustainable travel.

“We’re delighted for BTN BikeShare to officially join the Brighton and Hove City Council Move for Change challenge,” said Paul Topham of Hourbike, the company behind BTN BikeShare. “This is a great initiative to encourage active and sustainable travel through the BetterPoints reward app.”

BTN BikeShare has 576 bikes at 83 hubs across Brighton & Hove. More than a million journeys, totalling more than three million miles, have been made on these bikes by residents, visitors and commuters since the scheme began in September 2017. The bikes are used more than a thousand times a day during peak times in the summer.

“It’s been wonderful to see an increase in cycling in Brighton & Hove and how popular our scheme has become with both locals and visitors,” said Paul Topham. “We’re pleased to offer rewards to our riders and be involved with such a positive scheme.”

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