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Spotting the warning signs of home-working burnout

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the world of work on its head for many employers. HR leaders that were used to seeing employees face-to-face are now having to manage them remotely. To make matters harder, the dramatically changing circumstances are taking their toll on the mental health of those employees. Last June, mental health charity…
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Business leaders must prioritise employee mental health right now, says Adecco CEO

Alain Dehaze, CEO of the recruitment firm, Adecco, says managers must pay more attention to the mental health of their employees, as the Coronavirus pandemic and associated lockdowns take their toll on workforces across Europe. Back in October, the Mirror reported that 40% of British office workers feared their mental health would suffer if they…
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5-a-Day: Business-ready incentives tool to help prevent a workforce mental health crisis

Our new 5-a-Day HR tool uses BetterPoints’ pioneering behaviour change technology to help prevent a mental health crisis among staff working from home – a crisis that is forecast to last well after the virus has been brought under control. As many as 10 million people will need new or additional mental health support as…
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Employee well-being and mental health addressed by BetterPoints 5-a-DAY WFH programme

A new tool from behaviour change technology experts BetterPoints aims to prevent a wellbeing crisis among staff working from home.   Almost a fifth of the UK population will need mental health support as a direct consequence of Covid-19, reported the Guardian last week. Meanwhile, the Mirror revealed that office workers fear their mental health will suffer if they have to spend…
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How to emerge from COVID-19 as a high-performing team

It is widely acknowledged that most organisations will emerge from the current crisis in a different shape. So you’re probably already thinking about the need to engage with and motivate employees more than ever to change behaviour in order to meet the demands of your new culture. BetterPoints can measure and track performance to help…
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Change can be better

The UK Government has introduced strict new measures to ensure as many people as possible stay safe and well during the coronavirus outbreak. The frontline support led by the NHS highlights the true spirit of the nation at this time. We’re all being asked to change our behaviour now, to protect everyone in light of…
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Making home working work for your business

We all find ourselves in unprecedented circumstances. In line with the latest Government advice, more and more of us are working from home. For many people this might be the first time, particularly of being home-based for a sustained period of time. For managers it may be a cause for concern – simply because it’s…
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