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Farewell Dan Gipple, we shall miss you

Farewell Dan Gipple, we shall miss you

It is with great sadness that we say farewell to our Founder and friend, Daniel Gipple, who passed away on 23 August after a protracted illness.

Dan founded BetterPoints in 2010 and led the company as CEO for the next decade, setting in motion a force for change that is spreading across the UK and into Europe, South America and New Zealand.

Dan believed ardently in people and in the potential for good within all of us. BetterPoints was his mission to stimulate that, by rewarding positive behaviour and encouraging charity.

Anyone who had the privilege of knowing him will remember an exceptionally kind and generous man, with an unquenchable passion for doing the best by and for others, spurred on in no small part by his strong Christian faith.

That passion was infectious: many will recall being inspired by Dan’s outstanding oratory skills and his extraordinary flair for holding an audience.

Above all, though, Dan’s personal values shone through in everything he did.

He will be missed by us all for his goodness, his positivity and his passion, all of which he kept right through to the end.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Cathy, and his two sons, Sam & Joe.

Thank you, Dan, for everything.

Rest in Peace.