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I’ve noticed a total transformation in my lifestyle, says Purva

I’ve noticed a total transformation in my lifestyle, says Purva

Purva has become active every day from using the BetterPoints app. Now her friends use it too and have regular competitions to keep fit.

Purva discovered BetterPoints through Leicester City Council’s ‘Choose How You Move’ programme and hasn’t looked back.

‘I was introduced to BetterPoints on the ‘Let’s Ride’ cycle day in Leicester,’ she says. ‘Since I attended this event nothing gets in the way between me and being active.

And she loves it. ‘This is so much fun and so motivating,’ she told us. ‘I even went and bought myself and my husband bicycles to reward our new active lifestyle.’

Purva has discovered a transformative, active way of life.

‘I walk, cycle or travel by bus wherever and whenever I can, whilst earning BetterPoints for being active.

In fact, Purva is so enthusiastic about her new lifestyle that she has persuaded her friends to join her.

‘I have introduced nearly 10 friends and we regularly have competitions about who can earn the most points and be the most active,’ says Purva.

The friendly competition and positive encouragement are paying off. ‘If one friend is behind another, we will go for a walk at lunch,’ she says, ‘which in the past I would have been lazy about doing.’

‘I have noticed a total transformation in my lifestyle. I’m active every day and it’s really helped my mental wellbeing,’ she says.

‘I feel healthy, light and more refreshed each day; I get less irritated and stressed too.’