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‘I’m doing exercise I wouldn’t have done otherwise’

‘I’m doing exercise I wouldn’t have done otherwise’

Our clients use our system because they want to encourage positive change. While the goal is often to reach the ‘hard-to-reach’, a lot of impact can be made by also encouraging those who just need a little more motivation, because the obstacles to doing something differently don’t need to be high to be obstructive. 

For example, I should probably cycle more, but it means dragging my bike through the house and parking it somewhere the other end; and the merest hint of bad weather also induces me to take the bus instead. But it’s not like I’m averse to the idea, I just need a little more reason to do it.

Paul (pictured) travels from Brentford to his office in Richmond every day and has found it hard to fit exercise around his desk job.

‘I tried joining a local gym,’ he told us, ‘but couldn’t motivate myself enough to go as much as I should. I also tried cycling to work, but traffic and weather put me off that idea too.’

Paul discovered BetterPoints through a friend. ‘I started walking two or three bus stops of my journey to and from work, just to build some points up,’ he says. ‘I’m now at a point where I set myself a daily step target, and walk either partially or wholly to and from Richmond each weekday, as well as go for a stroll at lunchtimes to help meet that target.

‘I find myself achieving upwards of 300 minutes walking each week, which is exercise I wouldn’t have done otherwise, and it doesn’t eat into my day.

‘I would totally recommend BetterPoints to anyone who is looking for ways to get healthier. It’s free and you are rewarded for doing something that’s good for you too.’

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