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Incentivising transport modal shift in European Mobility Week

Incentivising transport modal shift in European Mobility Week

The 17th European Mobility Week is upon us, culminating in World Car-Free Day on Saturday. This year, it’s all about encouraging people to consider different mobility options and to choose the most appropriate ones for each trip.

‘By mixing the ways we move,’ says EU Transport Commissioner, Violeta Bulc, ‘we can save time, improve our health, and lower our transport costs’.

At BetterPoints, this is what we help our clients do all year round, by using our award-winning Behaviour Change Management System to incentivise multimodal activity.

They can offer a sophisticated mix of rewards and other incentives for journeys made on foot, by pedal-power, on public transport, through car-sharing – even by micro-scooter. In fact, they can track and reward any transport activity they like. 

In 2017, for example, SRM – the transport authority for the metropolitan area of Bologna, Italy – used BetterPoints BCMS for a large-scale, EU funded pilot programme to reduce the number of single-occupancy car journeys in the region.

The six-month Bella Mossa programme exceeded its reach target within two days and attracted 15,000 active participants.

Together, those participants made 350,000 journeys on foot that covered a total of 520,000 km, and cycled 290,000 times over a combined distance of more than a million kilometres. They mitigated an estimated 728 tonnes of CO2 emissions and burned 79 million calories. 

In fact, the Bella Mossa pilot was so successful that SRM commissioned a second programme from BetterPoints this year.

We’d love to help more organisations encourage people to change the way they use transport. If that could be you, take a look at what we can offer – or simply contact us today to see a demo of our platform.