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Use the Capability Fund to help make active travel ‘unignorable’

Use the Capability Fund to help make active travel ‘unignorable’

Many local authorities in England are receiving Capability Fund allocations from Active Travel England. The aim is to build a national network of experts that work with communities to co-design places that ‘are truly walkable and cyclable for everyone’.

Active Travel England wants to ‘create examples at such a scale that they become unignorable’, says Chris Boardman.

With BetterPoints, you can engage people, measure impact and change behaviour – all at the same time.

Be the unignorable.

Provide active travel choices that other councils want to copy.

With BetterPoints, you can engage and consult the community, measure impact, and change people’s travel behaviour – to help you build an exemplary active travel infrastructure that people are invested in and want to use.

Reach people where they are.

We help you reach people through the channels that influence them – such as employers, shops and leisure interests.

Consult and engage.

BetterPoints programmes can engage large numbers in your infrastructure design.

We put communications at the heart of our app, so you can engage with your audience, deliver consultations and ecological momentary assessment questions, and bring people into your co-design process.

Measure success along the way.

Gather extensive, real-time data on people’s journey choices, network use – and even CO2 emissions – to inform the planning process and test ideas quickly.

Change behaviour at the same time.

BetterPoints programmes even get people to try your new infrastructures themselves, by applying a combination of behaviour change science, technology and communications.

‘If we want millions more people to walk, wheel and cycle to schools, shops and workplaces, we need to give them what they need to make the switch.’

Chris Boardman MBE,
National Active Travel Commissioner for England

We’re there for you.

All BetterPoints programmes have a dedicated manager from start to finish, so we’re with you every step of the way.

We know our stuff.

We are experts in active travel behaviour change and have been doing this for over a decade, employing more than 40 Behaviour Change Techniques (BCTs).

We have the technology.

We combine leading edge technology with behaviour change science, wrapped with communications – and have invested more than £2million in our purpose-built platform and app.

We are not ignorable.

When thinking about how to use capability funding, don’t pass us by!

See how we have helped other local authorities. BetterPoints can help yours too.

Talk to us!

We are doing fantastic things with local authorities around the UK for game-changing active travel initiatives.

If you would like to know more about how BetterPoints can help you, drop us a line or request a demo and we will get in touch.

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