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Inspiring Behaviour Change

Inspiring Behaviour Change

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Whether you want people to eat more healthily, walk to the park, cycle to work or take the bus into town, BetterPoints campaigns motivate them to do it and make it enjoyable.

  • Detect and track activities and transport modes
  • Define your target audience with eligibility criteria
  • Co-design cutting-edge behaviour change campaigns
  • Advanced back-office suite.

Generate masses of data, combining:

  • User-generated data (waypoints, transport modes, speed, time, duration, eligibility, rewards etc)
  • User profiles information (age, gender, postcode)
  • Targeted feedback, baselining and benchmarking surveys.

Analyise, report and model with configurable graphs, charts and heatmaps.

Download this colourful, eight-page pdf that shows the BetterPoints app as users see it, the extraordinary breadth of our behaviour change management system, and a tantalising hint of the wealth of data it generates for clients to use for analysis and reporting.