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Agne from London is our final #LockdownLegend!

Agne from London is our final #LockdownLegend!

Congratulations to BetterPoints user Agne for becoming our final #LockdownLegend!

Each week, since the lockdown began, we have chosen a #LockdownLegend – someone from our app’s user community with an inspiring story of coping during the coronavirus lockdown. That comes to an end now that the UK Government is easing the rules, so Agne is our final winner!

Here is her story of supporting her local city farm during the pandemic.

It was a very challenging and unpredictable time! I have decided to volunteer as a key worker in an organic and environmentally friendly shop in Hackney City Farm.

They have implemented a safe and careful way to shop from outside. All costumers are queuing within two meters distance outside and we are inside the shop passing the groceries. We had personal safety equipment and training for all shifts. It has been a priceless experience of helping a small business to sell goods to locals and people cycling here from other boroughs.

Even via great distance the team work was amazing and we managed so far all to be safe and healthy. I have been cycling to and from Hackney and felt super good to excercise and lift my spirits. 

It’s been a journey that was both difficult and rewarding at the same time.  

I am still in lockdown but always take my bike for a ride! And helping key workers helped me become part of a community that has a bigger purpose.

Agne wins 25,000 BetterPoints for her story, as well as the honour of being our final BetterPoints #LockdownLegend!