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The lady who uses lockdown to hide gnomes on a Leicestershire housing estate

When Becky’s new hobby got out of hand, she put it to use in cheering up her local neighbourhood. Becky makes gnomes. Not the sort you see in gardens, fishing in ponds with their trousers down, but the Scandinavian variety with tall, felt hats over their eyes and beards that reach their feet. It’s not…
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‘Covid’s impact on my mental health was gradual; I didn’t wake up one morning and say “Oh, I don’t feel right”’

Hannah Byk is BetterPoints’ National Programme Account Manager. Here she opens up candidly and movingly about the onset of depression during the coronavirus pandemic. Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last 12 months, we can all see the impact Covid-19 has had on us all: financially (tick), lack of a social life and…
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5-a-Day: Business-ready incentives tool to help prevent a workforce mental health crisis

Our new 5-a-Day HR tool uses BetterPoints’ pioneering behaviour change technology to help prevent a mental health crisis among staff working from home – a crisis that is forecast to last well after the virus has been brought under control. As many as 10 million people will need new or additional mental health support as…
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Employee well-being and mental health addressed by BetterPoints 5-a-DAY WFH programme

A new tool from behaviour change technology experts BetterPoints aims to prevent a wellbeing crisis among staff working from home.   Almost a fifth of the UK population will need mental health support as a direct consequence of Covid-19, reported the Guardian last week. Meanwhile, the Mirror revealed that office workers fear their mental health will suffer if they have to spend…
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‘Together we can get back to better’, BetterPoints CEO tells transport and mobility leaders

As part of Landor LINKS’ Green Transport Recovery webinar series, BetterPoints sponsored a webinar on 27 May to launch our campaign for a high-level, joined-up approach to capitalise on recent changes in transport behaviour. In his presentation – Locking in positive behaviour change: forward to better Richard Kirk, BetterPoints CEO, said we had an ideal opportunity to get…
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