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BetterPoints explores US market in London’s trade mission to Detroit and Chicago

BetterPoints explores US market in London’s trade mission to Detroit and Chicago

We are excited and delighted to be joining London & Partners – the Mayor of London’s official promotional agency – on their trade mission to Detroit and Chicago with eight of the capital’s fastest-growing companies in the urban space. The delegation will meet with key corporates and leaders to explore opportunities across the cities and promote London’s innovation and growth in the sector.

Chicago and Detroit are both seeing a rapid rate of urbanisation and technology innovation and are home to large numbers of disruptive, high-growth, scale-up companies in this sector – and both cities are competing on a global scale.

The urban space sector is also accelerating in London. In fact, London was the number one destination city for Foreign Direct Investment projects from Chicago between 2010 and 2019. The capital is among the world’s leading tech hubs and has the largest tech ecosystem in Europe.

On Sunday 15 September, BetterPoints’ Founder Dan Gipple will join representatives from eight other high-growth companies with bases in the capital.

BetterPoints’ award-winning mobility behaviour change programmes have motivated tens of thousands of people to switch to healthier and more sustainable methods of travel. This trade mission is an enormous opportunity for us to forge relationships in the US market that boost our growth as the behaviour change experts for mobility, sustainability and wellbeing.

“I’m delighted to be joining this trade mission to promote the fantastic opportunities emerging in London”, said Dan. “And I’m keen for BetterPoints to expand into what is an exciting new market for us, and to develop investment relationships that help us become the go-to platform for motivating mobility behaviours for a greener, healthier and happier world. This trip gives us a huge opportunity to do that.”

BetterPoints behaviour change programmes get people more physically active and travelling more sustainably. Ask us for a demo today.