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How a BetterPoints Workplace Challenge got Sarah on her bike

How a BetterPoints Workplace Challenge got Sarah on her bike

BetterPoints is working with businesses and organisations in Bridgwater in Somerset to motivate employees to be more active and travel more sustainably. Workplaces across the town are taking part in the initiative which we’re running in partnership with Sustrans and other partners. 

Sarah, who works locally, is finding the BetterPoints app has had a positive impact on her health and wellbeing. She used to be moderately active and would cycle to work in the summer months, but had been knocked off her bike in the past and decided to get a motorcycle scooter instead.

She was prompted to try again by using the BetterPoints app when The Bridgwater Way Workplace Challenge launched – and her activity levels increased as a result. ‘I am now cycling 20-25 miles per week and walking a lot more,’ she says.

The impact of the workplace challenge BetterPoints programme hasn’t been limited to Sarah herself – there’s a knock-on effect on the whole family. She told us, ‘It has made a real difference to both myself and my family. It has encouraged me to ditch the scooter and cycle to work every day and has also got my family out and about for walks at the weekend! I’ve got the whole family using the BetterPoints app too. The children especially enjoy following their journeys on the map and we travel more sustainably as a family’. 

Participants in the Bridgwater Way BetterPoints programme are rewarded with a mix of BetterPoints (our unique reward points) and BetterTickets (prize draw entries) for tracking walking, cycling and running activities. BetterTickets are entered into a weekly prize draw giving them the chance to win larger pots of BetterPoints which can be exchanged for vouchers or donated to charity. The more activities that are recorded, the more tickets are earned, encouraging participants to be as active as possible to increase their chances of winning! 

Sarah found the prize draws extremely motivating. ‘I have promoted BetterPoints to colleagues at work. The prospect of winning in the weekly prize draw has really motivated everyone to get involved. I think adopting an incentive-based system like BetterPoints is a great idea to get people more active!’

Taking part has impacted Sarah’s life in many ways, and has resulted in her changing her travel habits. 

‘Being more active has given me so much more energy. I find I drive less as a result of using the app – instead of jumping in the car to the local shops I now either cycle or walk. 
I think it is a great initiative, I have never tracked my activity levels before. I didn’t really see a need but it’s amazing to know just how many miles I am now achieving and how it doesn’t actually take that long to get your fitness levels up again.’

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