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East Renfrewshire hopes to boost town centre footfall with new active travel campaign

East Renfrewshire hopes to boost town centre footfall with new active travel campaign

The new ‘Choose How U Move East Ren’ programme launched on 17 May and runs until 31 October. Powered by BetterPoints and in partnership with Ansons Consulting, it encourages walking, running, wheeling and cycling when travelling in and around the region.

Throughout the programme participants will be encouraged to travel actively, supported by using the BetterPoints behaviour change technology.

Incentives, including locally sourced vouchers, local discounts and prizes will be offered to people who choose greener travel, including walking, running, wheeling and cycling.

BetterPoints tracking data will allow East Renfrewshire council to incentivise behaviour they want to encourage (like walking, running, wheeling or cycling). Our system offers a complete end-to-end solution for those who wish to encourage and reward active and sustainable travel giving participants the tools and incentives to change their behaviour for the better.

East Renfrewshire Council says: “BetterPoints is a major opportunity for the whole of East Renfrewshire to become involved in and encourage active travel and increase physical activity while potentially boosting footfall in the local town centres.”

The ‘Choose How U Move East Ren’ campaign is funded by Smarter Choices, Smarter Places Open Fund, which is Paths for All’s programme to increase active and sustainable travel throughout Scotland (grant-funded by Transport Scotland) and by Sustrans’ Spaces for People programme (grant-funded by the Scottish Government).

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