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SMASH and Bella Mossa at the Polis 2018 Conference in Manchester

SMASH and Bella Mossa at the Polis 2018 Conference in Manchester

This week sees the prestigious two-day Annual Polis Conference, themed ‘Transport innovation for sustainable cities and regions’. Taking place in the Manchester United Old Trafford Stadium, the event is hosted by Polis president Manchester. Polis is a network of European cities and regions working together to develop innovative technologies and policies for local transport. It has been going strong for almost 30 years.

BetterPoints COO Chris Bristow will be attending the conference. As well as networking and hearing about initiatives from all over the UK and Europe, Chris is representing the EU SMASH project and can be found in the exhibition.

SMASH stands for Sustainable Mobility Analysis as Service Hub. Funded by Climate-KIC, SMASH is an innovative web-based platform created to enhance the analysis of spatial data related to urban mobility and improve sustainable mobility. It is due to be evaluated in 2019 in more than 10 European cities.  BetterPoints is part of a consortium of organisations which partner to run SMASH, working alongside Dedagroup Public Services, Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), Forum Virium Helsinki and AESS.

SMASH integrates raw data readily available from different sources in various formats into a mapping platform, producing deeper insight through graphical analytics, maps and reports. The platform uses data produced by GPS sensors such as smartphone apps, fleet monitoring systems, bike-sharing stations, traffic count sensors, environmental monitoring stations and travel surveys.

Bella Mossa will also feature at Polis! Tommaso Bonino from Bologna’s Transport Authority, SRM, will be speaking about the success of their programme, which was powered by BetterPoints, in the ‘Data-Driven Decision Making’ session. ‘When citizens become players in city planning’ features in parallel session 3A in the Manchester Suite, 16.45 on Thursday 22 November. 

In 2017, Bologna’s first six-month Bella Mossa programme motivated 15,000 people to use their cars less. In 2018, Bella Mossa ran again and was so popular the BBC filmed a short documentary about it. We will be publishing a comparative report of both programmes very soon. 

If you, or your colleagues, will be at Polis this week do look out for us, we’d love to connect. Find out more about Chris, our Chief Operating Officer, here.

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