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It’s now even easier to get active with BetterPoints

It’s now even easier to get active with BetterPoints

At BetterPoints, we’re constantly evolving our cutting-edge platform to make it the best it can be for app users and clients. Our iterative approach is one of the things our clients love about us. To this end we’ve made it even easier for people to start earning rewards – helping them to get active even more quickly. 

When anyone in the UK downloads the BetterPoints app and registers their account they’re now immediately a part of the ‘BetterPoints’ programme. There’s no need to opt in, so they can immediately track their first activity and start earning rewards.

Rewards for this programme are automatically available for everyone in the UK. Rewards are in the form of BetterTickets – one BetterTicket is earned for every minute of walking, running or cycling tracked. 

Each week we now give away 50 prizes of 5,000 BetterPoints.  That’s at least one million BetterPoints, or £1,000 every month!  There’s virtually no limit to the number of tickets that can be earned each week – so the more active participants are, the more chance they have of winning.  

BetterPoints can be converted to vouchers for wide range of online and high street stores or they can be donated to charities and good causes. 

In areas which have locally-funded BetterPoints programmes participants will earn these ‘basic’ rewards in addition to programme-specific rewards. Local rewards vary depending on the intervention and the behaviour that clients want to encourage – they can be BetterPoints earned per minute or per activity, BetterTickets, or a combination of the two. 

This change will also have a positive impact on participants of locally funded programmes which come to an end as they will continue earning BetterTickets in the ‘BetterPoints’ programme.  Prize draws are just one of a number of gamification features that we’ve developed to make the BetterPoints app attractive and engaging to users.