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La Campanella – BetterPoints returns to Italy!

La Campanella – BetterPoints returns to Italy!

Inspired by the success of Bella Mossa, the Italian coastal Districts of Rimini and Pesaro asked BetterPoints to get involved in their annual school challenge, La Campanella.

In a whole variety of challenges over several months, schools compete against each other in La Campanella to be crowned champions. Nine schools take part in the head-to-head knockout competition, whittling down over time to a winning school which will be announced in May.

BetterPoints is providing the technology for each of the weekly cycle challenges in which individuals track cycle journeys to try and help their team beat other teams.  It aims to get more students cycling to school. An upbeat instruction video has been produced to show people how to track their cycling journeys.

There is a weekly high-energy regional TV show, called icarotv, which is broadcast on Tuesday evenings.

For more information check out the La Campanella Facebook page and YouTube video.

Competitive challenges can be an accessible and fun way to encourage more active and sustainable travel and the BetterPoints platform can be for challenges of varying types and duration.

To find out more about the BetterPoints system and how it can be configured for all kinds of challenges, drop us a line. 

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