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No more lazy Sundays for Kimberly and her son!

No more lazy Sundays for Kimberly and her son!

Kimberly struggles with her weight, but now she and her son motivate themselves to take regular exercise by using the BetterPoints app.

Kimberly discovered the BetterPoints app through the Skelmersdale Rewards programme commissioned by West Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group.

She’s finding it a real motivator for doing more healthy activity.

‘I struggle with my weight,’ she told us, ‘and the app is motivating me to do exercise.’

And because the app is so user-friendly, Kimberly is finding it easy to keep going.

‘The BetterPoints app is really easy to use,’ she says. ‘I find myself wanting to walk for longer periods of time to see the points
add up.’

But it’s not just Kimberly that finds the app helps to keep her active, it’s encouraging her 10-year-old son to do the same.

‘Me and my son have opted to walk to and from school rather than going in the car,’ she says. ‘We use the app to track our distance and gain points.’

And it doesn’t stop at weekends. Sundays used to be lazy days for mother and son, now the pair get active outside.

‘We now go for long countryside walks,’ says Kimberly, ‘all because of the BetterPoints app. We have also purchased bikes in order to achieve our bike riding medals.’ 

As well as getting fitter, Kimberly has noticed an improvement to her mental wellbeing.

‘This is really great for my mental health. Alongside healthier eating,’ she says, ‘exercise really does boost my endorphins to put me in a great mood.’