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‘The city that gives you free beer for cycling’ – the BetterPoints app on the BBC

‘The city that gives you free beer for cycling’ – the BetterPoints app on the BBC

We are delighted with this short BBC film about the Bella Mossa programme in Bologna, Italy, that was broadcast this morning. In it, journalists Amelia Hemphill and Nicola Kelly use our app to gather rewards for travelling more sustainably around the city.

Bella Mossa first ran in 2017 and was so successful the local transport authority commissioned it for a second time in 2018. Bella Mossa has motivated 7.3 million km of sustainable travel journeys in and around Bologna.

In the film, Nicola Kelly earns enough points for a chocolate gelato within two days.   

As Marco Amadori, Bella Mossa’s project manager explains, they wanted the rewards to be achievable and for short trips.

The system of point collection is based not on the distance you travel but on the single trip,’ he says, ‘because it’s important that even for short trips of 1km you do it in a sustainable way.’

Marco and his team wanted to give everyone the option to be rewarded for changing their behaviour. ‘For the first time we have been able to involve all the people,’ he says.

‘Everybody will have the possibility to change a car trip into a bike trip or into a bus trip and be able to get some discount.’ 

Marco also talked to BBC 5Live’s Anna Foster on air this morning when she explored the use of positive incentives for encouraging behaviour change. 

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