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1 billion calories burned by BetterPoints users!

1 billion calories burned by BetterPoints users!

Our app has helped thousands of people change to healthier behaviours. Yesterday afternoon, the total number of calories burned by BetterPoints users passed one billion.

To get to this point, they have collectively travelled more than 11 million miles on foot or by bicycle.

But it’s about more than burning calories. By combining technology and data, we motivate people to make lasting changes to their health.

And we see astonishing results. On average, interventions using our technology move 78% of participants from ‘inactive’ – and therefore at risk of long-term health conditions – to ‘active’ (as defined by Sport England), and we consistently engage more than 50% of participants from the most deprived health deciles.

More than 60% meet the NHS’ recommended weekly goal of 150 minutes physical activity at least once, with around 40% meeting it for three weeks or more.

For example, in Salford, 74% of people who stayed in the programme long-term were still meeting the NHS goal after a year.

But it doesn’t stop there: a staggering 93% of participants tell us they want to take part in future interventions.

If we reached even half of UK adults categorised as ‘inactive’, we could help a lot more people improve their health – and we could save the NHS at least £50 million a year.

For now, though, here’s to burning another billion calories!

BetterPoints has helped thousands of people improve their health and wellbeing. Find out how our programmes can support population health interventions and social prescribing.

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