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‘My psychiatrist mentioned BetterPoints … it’s given me a reason to go out each day’

‘My psychiatrist mentioned BetterPoints … it’s given me a reason to go out each day’

John’s psychiatrist recommended a local BetterPoints programme to help improve his mental and physical health.

‘Recently, I had a very scary turn mentally. I have been prescribed new medications as well as therapy, my mental health was severely struggling. 

‘My psychiatrist mentioned BetterPoints and since then, along with my dog, it’s given me a reason to go out each day. 

‘I also have got access to local e-bikes as well, and it’s all just given me a support network which I can lean on in times I feel I need it.

‘I see all the challenges that go on within the app, and I’m naturally quite competitive. It’s got me out exploring and kept me active. 

‘I’m now doing a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day, which is giving me structure in my daily routine.

‘In that time, I do a lot of cycling and a lot of walking. There’s been a good few days when I’ve gone really far too, I’ve got a one-year-old border collie who’s got a lot of energy, so we head out for hours at a time into the hills which she loves. 

‘Through getting involved in the app, I’ve been able to explore my local area and have found a load of new cycle paths and a river that I never knew existed. 

‘I am more thoughtful about my carbon footprint, and I ask myself if I really need to take the car or can I walk, run or cycle? 

‘I have noticed a difference to both my mental health and my physical health and wellbeing. 

‘Beforehand, we used to take the car everywhere, but now we’ll walk if we can or get the bus if it’s a bit further out. If I’m going down to Tesco, it’s a 15 minute walk instead of a two minute drive, but it’s worth it to feel healthier and save on the fuel.’

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