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Author: Michael Grimes

Grab our free pdf of inspiring stories about getting people moving

The BetterPoints smartphone app gets people moving for all sorts of reasons. They might discover it through their employer, to motivate them to use their car less; or through their GP, to inspire them to walk more; or through their local authority, to encourage more environmentally-friendly activity. Take Peter, who set himself a target of walking…
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Video: BetterPoints colleagues consider the role of women in technology

The BetterPoints staff team is predominantly female, which is unusual for a technology company. Just before Christmas, our Director of Programmes, Hannah Bowden, sat on the panel at a 10 Digital Ladies event in London, talking about women in the industry. So, we put together a short video of some of our colleagues sharing their thoughts about…
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Danni gave up her car for Stoptober – and saved money

The annual NHS Stoptober campaign encourages people to quit smoking during October. BetterPoints user Danni decided to take part in a different way this year: she gave up her car.

Walking and cycling can reinvigorate the high street, says TfL

Anyone trying to make the case for investing in walking and cycling will be excited by Transport for London’s new summary report pack on the economic benefits of both. ‘People walking and cycling visit high streets more frequently and spend more money there compared to people in cars,’ says TfL. ‘Over a month, people who…
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How donating to charity got Natalie’s family walking more

BetterPoints user Natalie started using the app so she could donate her reward points to charity. However, she soon found it was encouraging her and her family to walk more too.

Realising how far I’ve come makes me feel really proud, says Vidya

Vidya’s family has a history of diabetes, so staying healthy is particularly important for her. In 2014, she had a health scare that required emergency surgery and a series of subsequent operations. The surgery was a success but drawn out, and she lost her motivation to keep fit. BetterPoints helped her get it back. Vidya’s…
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I’ve noticed a total transformation in my lifestyle, says Purva

Purva has become active every day from using the BetterPoints app. Now her friends use it too and have regular competitions to keep fit.

VIDEO: A quick introduction to self-determination theory and behaviour change

I just want to tell you about a theory that I think is really important for people involved in behaviour change to understand: Self-Determination Theory. What this basically means is that people have three intrinsic needs. The first need is for people to feel like they’re autonomous, that they’re independent; they can live their lives…
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BetterPoints gave me the nudge I needed to get off my posterior, says Peter

Peter had plans to keep active when he retired, but after a while he lost the motivation. BetterPoints helped him get it back.

‘The city that gives you free beer for cycling’ – the BetterPoints app on the BBC

We were delighted to see this short BBC film about how our app is used in Bologna, Italy.