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Inspire active travel in people like e-bike winner Charlie!

Inspire active travel in people like e-bike winner Charlie!

Charlie, a Business Support and Events Officer, was recently over the moon when he won a £1,400 Batribike e-bike in the Choose How You Move Warwick workplace challenge.

His journey to greener and healthier living began with a casual chat with a colleague, who mentioned the challenge. Intrigued, he signed up.

Charlie had been relying on his car for the seven-mile commute to work but wanted to cut down on its use. The e-bike prize couldn’t have come at a better time.

He quickly fell in love with the features in the BetterPoints app, particularly its hands-off journey tracking.

‘I would certainly forget if I had to turn it on and off,’ he says, ‘so I enjoy that it runs in the background and doesn’t drain my phone battery.’

‘It’s nice when you scroll through your activity history and recall where you’ve been and what you’ve achieved.’

‘I love how it splits out your journey into different modes and that you can dig down to review the various stats. This is my favourite feature’.

The app’s reward system ignited a competitive spark in Charlie, spurring him to get out more during lunch breaks.

‘The points and medals are great. I’ll see colleagues crop-up in the prize draws on a regular basis and think to myself, “they’re winning quite a bit, I want to win next time”; it fuels the competitive streak in me!

‘The app has given me an incentive to go out and get some fresh air over lunchtime. I’ll go for a walk around the racecourse when working at Saltisford.

‘I had become very lazy to be honest, but since using the app I’ve been doing a lot more walking. Having all of my activity information in the palm of my hand, where I can see the benefit it is having for my health and the environment, keeps me motivated.

‘And winning the e-bike was phenomenal. It was a “wow” moment!

‘At my age, cycling can be hard work on the joints, especially with my new knee, so having an e-bike will take the pressure off.

‘I plan to use it for little shopping trips or to meet friends for a coffee. With the extra power boost the hill won’t feel like such hard work!’