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Transforming commutes: how Rebecca’s journey with Get Active in Ebbsfleet inspired green and active living

Transforming commutes: how Rebecca’s journey with Get Active in Ebbsfleet inspired green and active living

Rebecca’s journey towards a greener and more active lifestyle didn’t begin with a sudden burst of motivation. In fact, she freely admits that she wasn’t one for regular exercise or walking, preferring the convenience of driving to get around. However, a desire to be fitter lingered in the back of her mind, prompting her to make several attempts at completing the Couch to 5k challenge.

It was during her fifth attempt that Rebecca’s fortunes changed. She was out on an evening run with her local Couch to 5K club when Penny, one of the leaders, introduced her to the Get Active in Ebbsfleet BetterPoints programme.

‘I have a love-hate relationship with running,’ says Rebecca. ‘I didn’t have a regular exercise routine and didn’t typically go for walks or runs.’ She was determined to complete the Couch to 5K challenge this time, ‘but I needed the additional support to build the routine,’ she says.

Two features of the app stood out to Rebecca as particularly motivating.

Firstly, its CO2 tracking. ‘I love that it tracks my CO2 savings,’ she says. ‘Seeing how much I’m reducing my carbon footprint by choosing active travel options like walking to the station keeps me motivated.

Secondly, the app’s reward system ‘is a nice touch,’ says Rebecca. ‘Earning vouchers for being active adds a little extra incentive to get those steps in!’

Rebecca’s activity levels have soared since incorporating BetterPoints into her routine. Instead of hopping into her car, she now chooses to walk to the station whenever the weather allows. And she has expanded her running routine outside of the Couch to 5k programme.

Looking ahead, Rebecca is excited about the prospect of walking to her new job, further reducing her carbon footprint. ‘Opening the app is now part of my routine,’ she says proudly.

The benefits of Rebecca’s increased activity levels extend beyond just physical fitness.

‘First, there’s the social aspect,’ she says. ‘Running with the group has been a great way to meet new people and share every emotion of running together’.

‘Second, I’m much more conscious of my environmental impact and reducing my CO2 emissions.’

Most importantly, Rebecca feels fitter and happier than ever before. ‘Starting my day with a walk and coffee has definitely improved my overall mood and energy levels,’ leaving her feeling energised and ready to tackle whatever challenges come her way.