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Bella Mossa programme wins CIVITAS Bold Measure Award for pioneering work in Bologna

Bella Mossa programme wins CIVITAS Bold Measure Award for pioneering work in Bologna

On Friday, the city of Bologna won the CIVITAS ‘Bold Measure Award’ for Bella Mossa, which encourages local people to make fewer single-occupancy car journeys. Bella Mossa is run by Bologna’s transport agency, SRM, who worked with BetterPoints to deliver an effective behaviour change programme.

The Bold Measure Award is given is given ‘to a city that adopts a daring and innovative approach that has not been widely implemented yet, and positions the city as a pioneer’.

22,000 people joined the six-month Bella Mossa programme between April and October 2017, and recorded more than a million activities.

‘There are almost 60 cars for 100 inhabitants here in Bologna,’ says Giuseppe Liguori, SRM’s European Project Manager. ‘We want to decrease this kind of ownership of cars but also we want to decrease the use of private motorised vehicles.’

‘A lot of people are talking about this campaign and we are very satisfied with the level of engagement,’ says Giuseppe. It is really a big success.’

Feedback has been very positive, as this short YouTube video shows. ‘The best app of recent times,’ says one participant; ‘a wonderful initiative,’ says another.

Bella Mossa is powered by BetterPoints’ Behaviour Change Management System, which uses a smartphone app to motivate people with a sophisticated mix of incentives.

The programme is funded by the European H2020 Empower initiative, which also funded our award-winning BikeSmart intervention with Reading Borough Council.

Accepting the award in Torres Vedras, Portugal, Irene Priolo, Bologna’s Deputy Mayor, said:

Bella Mossa … has been one of the most effective tools to promote sustainable mobility in our city in an innovative, fun, and incentivizing way.

Through Bella Mossa, the city of Bologna has been able to establish a very effective public-private partnership, involving public bodies, businesses and thousands of citizens in a great mobility game.’

We are delighted to have provided Bologna with the app, IT platform and support for such a fantastic programme. 

Photo: CIVITAS. Irene Priolo, Deputy Mayor of Bologna and Dora Ramazzotti, General Affairs at SRM Public Transport Authority, receive the award for Bella Mossa.