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Mass modal shift in Italy – a two-year comparison

Like many major cities, Bologna struggles to manage traffic congestion and its side-effects. In 2017 and 2018, BetterPoints helped Bologna motivate more than 20,000 people to think differently about their transport options. SRM, Bologna’s the public transport authority, wanted to try a new approach to tackling CO2 emissions. They had tried banning the use of…
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20,000+ people incentivised to travel more sustainably in Bologna

787,000 journeys on foot 590,000 cycle journeys 508,000 public transport journeys 5,450 car-sharing journeys 1.4 million kg CO2 emissions saved 167 million calories burned Like many major cities, Bologna struggles to manage traffic congestion and its side-effects. In 2017 and 2018, the BetterPoints platform powered the six-month Bella Mossa programmes that encouraged fewer single-occupancy car…
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VIDEO: how BetterPoints helped Bologna increase active travel

Bella Mossa powered by BetterPoints – a short video

BetterPoints in Bologna was so successful it’s been commissioned again

A second programme of active travel incentives begins in Bologna, Italy in April, thanks to the huge success of its six-month predecessor in 2017.

How Bologna encouraged 15,000 people to ditch their cars

The Italian city of Bologna had tried to reduce CO2 emissions before, by banning the use of polluting vehicles during the day. This didn’t go down well; so SRM, the local public transport authority, decided to try using a carrot instead of a stick to encourage citizens to switch to more sustainable modes – and…
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Bella Mossa programme wins CIVITAS Bold Measure Award for pioneering work in Bologna

On Friday, the city of Bologna won the CIVITAS ‘Bold Measure Award’ for Bella Mossa, which encourages local people to make fewer single-occupancy car journeys. Bella Mossa is run by Bologna’s transport agency, SRM, who worked with BetterPoints to deliver an effective behaviour change programme.

BetterPoints in Bologna: 15,000 users in one month, and counting

We’d not even officially launched our new behaviour change programme in the Italian city of Bologna before it hit its six-month target of 10,000 users.