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BetterPoints turns physical activity into charitable donations

BetterPoints turns physical activity into charitable donations

We have grown a lot as a company since 2010, but one thing that hasn’t changed about BetterPoints is our dedication to giving back.

With International Day of Charity almost upon us (Sunday 5 September), we would like to thank all our programme participants who have supported so many fantastic organisations with their BetterPoints donations. Over the last few years, BetterPoints participants have donated thousands of pounds to a wide array of charities, from hospices to food banks and cycling charities.

When we ask our participants what they love most about the BetterPoints app, invariably they mention the charity and fundraising work. No surprise there — doing good just feels good.

Andrea, a participant in our Get Active in Ebbsfleet programme, recently gifted to her local Air Ambulance:

“Initially I was thinking about spending them on high-street vouchers but thought that a charity would put the money to better use. It is hard for charities to generate the funds they need at the best of times, let alone in a pandemic. So, considering that earning the points hadn’t cost me anything, I thought to give them as a donation.

“I chose Air Ambulance Kent, Surrey and Sussex because my daughter works as a paramedic so knows first-hand what incredible work they do. My dad is on the app, and he made a points donation as well. He contacted the Air Ambulance and they were very appreciative.

“I will definitely donate more points in future. It couldn’t be easier to donate on the app and you also don’t need to be the most active person to earn plenty of points, so I would encourage others to do the same.”

In our recently-launched BetterPoints York programme, we have just started working with York Bike Belles. Their Programme manager, Sheridan Piggott, said:

“York Bike Belles’ main aim is to support York residents of all ages and abilities into walking and cycling, for wellbeing, quality of life, community and the environment. We very much hope that BetterPoints York will encourage more people to do this. And if people choose to donate their Points to us, they will help us support more people from vulnerable groups into walking and cycling too. A genuine ‘Cycle of Good!'”

Linking up with great charities like York Bike Belles means BetterPoints programmes are even more impactful. Not only are individuals rewarded for making greener and healthier travel choices, the data they share with us can help to improve travel planning and the rewards they earn can be donated to help others overcome barriers to active travel. Very definitely a ‘cycle of good’ that helps to make the places we work happier, healthier and more environmentally friendly.

To donate BetterPoints to these charities and many more, app users simply click on the ‘Donate’ tab of their app and browse for a cause they want to support.

*Image by York Bike Belles

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