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University of Sussex promotes sustainable travel with BetterPoints

University of Sussex promotes sustainable travel with BetterPoints

The University of Sussex has become the latest higher education institution to use BetterPoints technology to reward and motivate their students and staff for active and sustainable travel.

The EcoGo challenge will work in parallel with other wellbeing and sustainability initiatives to make the University a more environmentally friendly place to work and study. Staff and students will earn rewards for active and sustainable travel with the BetterPoints app, which they can then spend at catering and retail outlets on campus or donate to good causes including the university’s nominated charity partner, Surfers Against Sewage.

The programme is a part of the university’s commitment to tackling climate change and reducing its environmental impact. The University of Sussex aims to make sustainable and active modes of transport the easiest options when getting to and around campus, but also to improve the health of staff and students. So working with BetterPoints to encourage green travel choices makes perfect sense.

The aim is to encourage students and employees to travel sustainably to reduce carbon emissions and boost wellbeing. The BetterPoints app will track journeys automatically  and allocate rewards in the form of tradeable points for travelling on foot, by bike or by public transport. 

The data gathered through the programme will help the university to understand its members’ travel behaviour and plan for improved sustainable journey choices for everyone. All data collected will be securely held and anonymised and aggregated before being used exclusively for transport planning purposes. By sharing their travel data, participants are contributing towards the university’s sustainability agenda and helping to combat climate change.

The Sustainability Manager Samantha Waugh said: ‘We are delighted to work with BetterPoints due to their existing partnerships working with Brighton and Hove City Council and the University of Sheffield – the whole BetterPoints Team seem super passionate about promoting sustainable travel and tackling climate change so it’s great to be collaborating with a partner that shares our values.’

The University of Sussex is just one of the many HEIs working with BetterPoints to deliver positive behaviours.

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BetterPoints is a world-leading scalable and customisable behaviour change platform that has been used to successfully to incentivise and motivate people to use active or sustainable modes of transport.

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