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Incentives help increase active travel at the University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield’s Step Up programme encourages and rewards staff and students for walking, cycling and taking public transport instead of using the car. It was commissioned as a 12-month programme in 2019 and has been recommissioned each year since. Since 2019… 57% of activities replaced a car journey  More than 285,000 kg of CO2 avoided…
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How BetterPoints is going down at Cardiff University

Cardiff University’s Changing Steps Cardiff programme encourages staff and students to use alternatives to car travel, such as walking, wheeling, cycling and public transport, as part of its drive to be Net Zero by 2030. Our app automatically tracks journeys and transport mode, and rewards staff and students for travelling in specified areas without a…
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‘I’m getting fitter by taking the bus!’

Amanda used to drive to her job at Cardiff University but lost her designated parking space when lockdown arrangements ended. With the encouragement of the Changing Steps BetterPoints challenge, she has taken to walking and using the bus instead – and not just for work, but for social activities too. ‘I had to look for…
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Rewards for sustainable and active travel at Cardiff University

Cardiff University recently launched a bespoke behaviour change programme for its  30,400 students and 6,600 employees. Changing Steps Cardiff is driven by BetterPoints and encourages active and sustainable travel to, from and between Cardiff University sites, as part of the university’s commitment to  reduce its carbon footprint and reach Net Zero Carbon by 2035. The…
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University of Sussex promotes sustainable travel with BetterPoints

The University of Sussex has become the latest higher education institution to use BetterPoints technology to reward and motivate their students and staff for active and sustainable travel. The EcoGo challenge will work in parallel with other wellbeing and sustainability initiatives to make the University a more environmentally friendly place to work and study. Staff…
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UCL researchers used BetterPoints data to discover over-65s were more physically active than other age groups during lockdown

A team from University College London (UCL) used BetterPoints tracking data to analyse the effect of the first UK lockdown on physical activity levels across age groups. The research found that older people maintained higher levels of physical activity than their younger counterparts during the first lockdown and were quicker to increase physical activity as…
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Transport for West Midlands to deploy BetterPoints for Warwick University’s post-Covid ‘Future Campus’

As Covid-19 transforms the way we live, work and travel, the University of Warwick is working with Transport for West Midlands to pilot new transport initiatives for the region. TfWM has commissioned BetterPoints to help promote, monitor and measure sustainable travel at the University of Warwick as part of its Future Transport Zone programme. The Future Transport Zones will provide…
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Over 1,000 Sheffield University Staff and Students join the BetterPoints challenge in just three weeks!

Sheffield University and SU are teaming up and working with BetterPoints to encourage green travel choices. Over 1,000 people have signed up in the first three weeks.