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How BetterPoints is going down at Cardiff University

How BetterPoints is going down at Cardiff University

Cardiff University’s Changing Steps Cardiff programme encourages staff and students to use alternatives to car travel, such as walking, wheeling, cycling and public transport, as part of its drive to be Net Zero by 2030.

Our app automatically tracks journeys and transport mode, and rewards staff and students for travelling in specified areas without a car. A variety of carefully designed activities, challenges and prize draws keep engagement levels up over the ten months of the programme.

After six months…

  • 60% of participants were still engaged in the programme;
  • 56% had swapped car journeys for sustainable options.

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What people are saying

Here is just a glimpse into the impact it’s had on people’s transport choices at Cardiff University.

I feel more amazing, more energetic and more positive now as I choose to walk or take a bike. I’m happy that BetterPoints changed me for good.

I was going to get an Uber the other day but wanted to get my steps in so I walked instead.

I now walk to work regardless of the weather!! In fact I’m likely going to sell my car this year as I now barely use it 😀

I definitely go on a bike a lot more than I used to, as I love tracking my routes and getting points.

I also have depression so it helps me get out the house on days I feel very low as I enjoy seeing my routes. Also I like the reward aspect if it and referring family/friends is so easy!!

I’m more motivated now to keep on track as I’m seeing all my activities recorded and reported to me very clearly.

It encouraged me to be more active without setting too harsh a goal or objective – it always felt manageable.

I have changed my method of travel to solely walking. It really improved my fitness and mental health, and helps the environment.

I am more conscious about using sustainable travel options such as walking or cycling instead of using my car. The [BetterPoints] app is a great way of recording that activity.

My wife and I moved to Cardiff in order to start as a postdoctoral researcher in February. We became parents in April and I found it more difficult to run in the mornings and have a consistent routine.

I have found that this challenge provides me with extra motivation to go running in the mornings and helps as a reminder that our travel choices do matter.

We are also more likely to use trains rather than the car when visiting friends and family. I have to commute into the lab at 1am sometimes for my experiments and I now cycle even though getting into the car is tempting when you have just woken up.

I love that it gives people an incentive to help the planet and also exercise.

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