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Rewards for sustainable and active travel at Cardiff University

Rewards for sustainable and active travel at Cardiff University

Cardiff University recently launched a bespoke behaviour change programme for its  30,400 students and 6,600 employees.

Changing Steps Cardiff is driven by BetterPoints and encourages active and sustainable travel to, from and between Cardiff University sites, as part of the university’s commitment to  reduce its carbon footprint and reach Net Zero Carbon by 2035.

The university is committed to support active and sustainable travel, in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals UNSDGs 3, 10, and 11, to minimise their impact on the environment and improve the health and well-being of their students and staff.

Sustainable and active travel means walking, wheeling, running, cycling, or using public transport. Participants of the Changing Steps Cardiff can choose these methods to get some exercise and reduce their carbon emissions.

As behaviour change experts, BetterPoints  know that to create change we need to motivate small positive actions and drive them to become habits. Through rewards, gamification and targeted communication, staff and students are encouraged to choose active or sustainable options whenever they travel.

Changing Steps Cardiff runs until June 2022.  During this period staff and students can download the free BetterPoints app, track their sustainable and active journeys to and from Cardiff University sites to earn BetterPoints, and BetterTickets to win prizes, during Semester dates. 

Want to increase active and sustainable travel and reduce car use at your university or organisation? Talk to us.
BetterPoints is a world-leading scalable and customisable behaviour change platform that has been used to successfully to incentivise and motivate people to use active or sustainable modes of transport.