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How Claire went from inactive to active thanks to BetterPoints and Pushing Ahead Norfolk

How Claire went from inactive to active thanks to BetterPoints and Pushing Ahead Norfolk

Claire, who lives in Norfolk, used to be inactive but since using the BetterPoints app that has all changed and she is active every day!

Claire joined the Pushing Ahead Norfolk BetterPoints programme – a local year-long BetterPoints programme, funded by Norfolk County Council. Pushing Ahead aims to promote active and sustainable travel to increase cycling and walking journeys to work, school and for leisure in the Greater Norwich and Great Yarmouth areas.

Many of the leading causes of ill health are linked to a lack of physical activity so encouraging people to be more active is crucial. Physical inactivity costs the NHS in the UK around £1 billion per year. BetterPoints programmes encourage and motivate people to become, and remain, more active.

Claire tells us, “I wasn’t very active at all and I found going to the gym time-consuming and boring, and had never enjoyed organised sport or running. Whereas now I’m now very active! I cycle an hour every weekday on my commute, and if I’m in Norwich on the weekends I often cycle there too, as it is so much easier and quicker than walking.  I find most of the time I do over 300 minutes of exercise a week – double the recommended amount!”

People are motivated in different ways and seeing the BetterPoints and BetterTickets add up is extremely motivating to many people. Claire certainly falls into this group and the thought of clocking up rewards has motivated her to be continually active since she started using the BetterPoints app.

“If I’m ever tempted to get the bus or not go out, I remind myself that I’ll get another 50 points. Frequently I’ve felt that it’s not worth cycling somewhere, but when I do and record it on BetterPoints I get the weekly [programme-specific] bonus of 500 points, which definitely makes it worth doing! It makes me feel extremely satisfied and really helps me enjoy cycling, even when going uphill against the wind!”

Regular physical activity is very beneficial for physical and mental health and the World Health Organisation and the NHS recommend that adults aged 18-64 should do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity each week.

Does Claire feel that being more active has been beneficial to her health? Absolutely! “I used to be quite unfit and had various aches and pains, especially with my knees. Ever since using BetterPoints those have totally gone away and I’m much stronger in general.”

The BetterPoints reward-focused approach successfully motivates people across the UK and beyond to be more active. Our award-winning platform can be configured to reward any positive behaviours our partners want to encourage. Rewards and incentives can be configured in a wide variety of ways. To find out more, request a demo or join our mailing list.