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Innovating for a measurable reduction in short car journeys

Innovating for a measurable reduction in short car journeys

Around a third of regular car drivers in the UK want to switch to cheaper or more sustainable modes of transport for short journeys, according to research by Kwik Fit. But how many will?

The servicing and repair chain estimates that 20 million UK drivers regularly use their cars for journeys of between one and two miles, and that 6.9 million want to switch to other travel methods.

But without support to change their behaviour, the gap between what people say they want and what they actually do can be extremely wide.

BetterPoints is working with clients on innovations that not only identify car journeys under two miles but actively encourage, reward and support their drivers to use alternative modes of transport.

Accurately measuring the reduction in journeys over time is very tricky because of decisions such as how to baseline journeys, who to include in the analysis, and how and when to measure follow-up behaviour.

However, early results of our approach are very promising, suggesting a 10% drop in short car journeys.

Watch this space!