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Mental health practitioner Helena would recommend BetterPoints to clients

Mental health practitioner Helena would recommend BetterPoints to clients

Helena is a mental health practitioner in Buckinghamshire. She heard about a local BetterPoints programme and wanted to know if it could help her clients, so she tried it out for herself.

‘A colleague told me about the app’, says Helena. ‘I decided to try it out myself first and now feel confident to recommend it to others.’

Helena joined Buckinghamshire County Council’s BetterPoints Bucks programme, which rewards people for leading healthier lives.

BetterPoints Bucks motivates people to take steps to be healthier, such as walking instead of driving for short journeys, taking more control over their weight, and attending clinics to help them stop smoking.

Rewards and prizes give them an incentive to try changing their behaviour, and messages of encouragement help to keep them motivated.

‘The messages that pop up give me a real boost’, says Helen. ‘I like that the app provides recognition for the activity I have done. It feels like a pat on the back, and to be earning points add that extra incentive to keep up the good habits.

‘The app helps remind me to meet the goal of 150 minutes of physical activity per week. If I’m falling short of my target on the app I would try to do extra to meet the weekly goal.

‘Winning shopping vouchers incentivises me to get active, to know there’s a chance of winning a voucher is a great bonus. It’s nice to be rewarded for doing something that’s good for you.’

The connection between physical activity and mental health is well documented. BetterPoints users often tell us that being more active improves their mood and their mental wellbeing, and that is borne out by professional endorsements such as this one from Helen.

BetterPoints has helped thousands of people improve their health and wellbeing. Find out how our programmes can support population health interventions and social prescribing.

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