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Think, Move, Breathe aims for better air quality in South Lanarkshire

Think, Move, Breathe aims for better air quality in South Lanarkshire

BetterPoints is delighted to be working with South Lanarkshire Council to help improve local air quality by reducing the number of polluting journeys.

Think, Move, Breathe launched yesterday (Thursday 18 May). The campaign will use incentives, rewards and targeted engagement to encourage local residents to change their travel habits, reducing air pollution and lowering carbon emissions.

The programme will be delivered through the BetterPoints app and available to all 317,000 residents in the area, with particular focus on those in the Air Quality Management Areas of Rutherglen and East Kilbride.

Participants will be invited to download the free BetterPoints app and record their journeys. They will be encouraged to complete a baseline survey to establish their existing travel habits and will then receive targeted encouragement and rewards for travelling more actively and sustainably (such as walking, cycling and using public transport).

As well as rewarding sustainable travel, Think, Move, Breathe will provide information about impact of air quality on environment and health and engage participants in local air quality initiatives.It will also help the council monitor the use of its new walking and cycling infrastructure and canvass feedback.

Participants will be able to exchange the BetterPoints they earn for South Lanarkshire Gift Cards, which are accepted in 130 local businesses. Soon they will also be to spend them at some other retailers and donate them to the two hospice charities in the area.