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Norwegian city introduces BetterPoints rewards for active and sustainable travel

Norwegian city introduces BetterPoints rewards for active and sustainable travel

The BetterPoints app is used in many different parts of the world, and now it has arrived in Gjøvik – the first city in Norway to introduce a BetterPoints reward scheme. Throughout the campaign, participants will be encouraged to change their transport choices and incentives will be offered for people who choose greener travel as part of the #Velreist campaign, hosted on the BetterPoints app. 

#Velreist is a collaborative project between Gjøvik municipality, Byen vår Gjøvik and CC Gjøvik to promote active and sustainable travel habits. The project has three goals:

  • Increase the proportion of travel by bicycle, walking and public transport in the municipality.
  • Strengthen the business base of the local trade stand
  • Contribute to improved health among the municipality’s inhabitants.

Norway is already ahead of the game when it comes to sustainable travel policy and infrastructure. With BetterPoints’ technology, Gjøvik will now have an extensive range of tools for engaging people and encouraging participation. Our evidence-based system will capture millions of real data points to learn valuable information about how people move around the localities: their modes of travel, points of origin and destination, detailed maps of the routes they take, and more. 

The Mayor Torvild Sveen said that: “BetterPoints is an app that makes walking and cycling more fun! With BetterPoints we want to motivate people to walk and bike more, which is good both for our health and the environment.”

The #Velreist campaign will run for 6 months from April 2021 to October 2021.The project is co-financed by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Gjøvik municipality through the ATP collaboration, and contributes to supporting Gjøvik municipality’s goal of being ‘a leader in sustainable growth and development’.

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