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Mass modal shift in Italy – a two-year comparison

Mass modal shift in Italy – a two-year comparison

Like many major cities, Bologna struggles to manage traffic congestion and its side-effects. In 2017 and 2018, BetterPoints helped Bologna motivate more than 20,000 people to think differently about their transport options.

SRM, Bologna’s the public transport authority, wanted to try a new approach to tackling CO2 emissions. They had tried banning the use of polluting vehicles during the day, which had been unpopular with citizens, and wanted to see if incentives would be more effective than penalties.

Free pdf – Bella Mossa two-year comparison report

With funding from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 EMPOWER programme, they partnered with BetterPoints to build Bella Mossa, a six-month incentives scheme that would encourage large numbers of people to reduce their day-to-day reliance on single-occupancy car journeys. 

By the end of six months, 15,000 people had taken part and made 895,000 sustainable transport journeys totalling 3.7 million kilometres – almost 100 times around the globe. It’s calculated that those journeys may have saved as much as 750 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Surveys suggested a genuine decrease in solo car use, with 80 percent of journeys reportedly replacing a car trip. 

The programme was so successful that SRM commissioned another for 2018 and the BBC filmed a documentary about it. A 10-page report compares the two six-month programmes and assesses their impact. Download it for free here.

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