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‘There is no need to break the rules to turn your energy into something positive’

‘There is no need to break the rules to turn your energy into something positive’

Congratulations to BetterPoints user Mollie for becoming this week’s Lockdown Legend!

Each week, we are choosing a Lockdown Legend – someone from our app’s user community with an inspiring story of coping during the coronavirus lockdown.

Mollie’s story struck us for its resilience and determination to find positive opportunities in the lockdown:

I often work 20-hour weeks at my part time job, alongside my Masters degree, and active training for a summer of races. I thought I would find it incredibly hard to stay home for the next few weeks, especially in my balcony-less flat.

However, as someone with splenic damage and reduced immune system (I had a partial splenectomy in 2016) I understood the importance of taking social distancing – and now the lock-down – seriously!

There are so many ways to keep yourself entertained indoors, without posing a risk to your community. From teaching older relatives how to face-time, organising a quiz for your friends, getting back in to an old hobby, or using free workouts online.

There is no need to ‘break the rules’ – putting your friends and neighbours in danger – to turn your energy into something positive.

I want to show that anyone can stay home and save lives. Even active people, with limited space. You don’t need a garden, or even a ground floor to get through this lockdown. We just need each other.

Mollie wins 25,000 BetterPoints for her story, as well as the honour of being this week’s BetterPoints Lockdown Legend!

Next week’s Lockdown Legend challenge will be a little different…

Lockdown Legend 2.6 Special

Next week’s Lockdown Legend challenge is a very special one in support of the national 2.6 Challenge.

Sunday (26 April) should have been the date of the London Marathon, the world’s biggest one-day annual fundraising event. So, instead, some of the UK’s leading event organisers have set the 2.6 Challenge in support of UK charities that are struggling during the coronavirus outbreak.

If you take part in the 2.6 Challenge you can also share your story and photo/video as a Lockdown Legend activity in your BetterPoints app. We will donate £10 to the chosen charities of our favourite 26 entries. 

And that’s not all! Next Friday we will choose three – not one, but three – Lockdown Legend winners from those 26. In addition to the £10 donation, each of those Lockdown Legends will win a fitting 26,000 BetterPoints.

Join the 2.6 Challenge and help save the UK’s charities.