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Line-dancing in lockdown – and other ways people are staying active at home

Line-dancing in lockdown – and other ways people are staying active at home

We’ve been asking our app users how they’re staying active at home.

Some are re-discovering abandoned equipment:

What did you do to be active at home?
Used my cross trainer to train instead of as a clothes horse.

Many are following online fitness videos – and yes, Joe Wicks features a lot – while others are doing their own thing:

Sit-ups and tummy exercises from an old DVD with Davina.

Did 10 minute “office workout” in front of my desk and it made me so awake and my back way less tense.

Skipped for 15 minutes and then ran up and down the stairs 30 times.

Static bike ride using YouTube virtual rides for inspiration.

Waking to a podcast in my living-room.

Those blessed with a garden are taking their exercise outside while the weather’s good:

Weather so beautiful we exercised in the garden and neighbours joined in!

Had to work two hours online, so nice to get out into the garden. We did stretching and star jumps. Then a bit of weeding, pulling out brambles and excessive ivy. Sat for 5 minutes with homemade lemonade. Lovely!

One hour’s badminton in the garden.

Chasing my boys around the garden and keepie-uppies!

Ballroom dancing in the garden to an online virtual tea dance.

…or not:

It was actually too hot to exercise outside so we chatted and had ice-cream in the garden. Then came in and did a YouTube dance for 20 minutes.

…and many respondents are re-discovering gardening itself as a way to keep fit:

Weeded the entire driveway – 5 hours!!!!!!

Weeded borders, dug vegetable patch, planted beetroot.

Lots of gardening, which is new for me as my hubby did most of it before. Spent about 3 hours a day on my days off potting, weeding, finding forgotten things! It’s very therapeutic to be outdoors, and mindful on small details.

Dancing is popular too:

What did you do to be active at home?
Two hours line-dancing.

Solo salsa and modern jive/ceroc dance practice.

Dancing with the kids and playing hide-and-seek.

Dancing to a live music stream by a friend of mine for his Alzheimer group – great fun!

Danced around the kitchen whilst cleaning everywhere with dettol for over an hour.