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Webinar: Active Travel in Wales – Making the Infrastructure Work

Webinar: Active Travel in Wales – Making the Infrastructure Work

Join us on 7 July to learn about making Active Travel in Wales a success with impactful behaviour change programmes.

Earlier this year, the Welsh Government announced £75 million of funding for active travel, as part of its Llwybr Newydd transport strategy.

Many of the high-profile projects underway are around Infrastructure: safe routes, cycle highways, pedestrian bridges etc. But while they are important, they are not enough on their own. In fact, Priority 3 of the Llwybr Newydd strategy is explicitly about changing behaviours and attitudes towards travel, reducing individual vehicle ownership and supporting digital innovation in passenger transport.

Infrastructures are a waste of money if people don’t use them. And people won’t use them if they’re not encouraged to and are not included in the process. Historically, though, such large-scale engagement was very tricky and costly to achieve.

Not any more! We will show you how behaviour change technology and interventions can transform engagement with your transport strategies and help you reach your Active Travel and Net Zero goals:

  • Give people a reason to track how they use transport modes and routes
  • Reward them for choosing active or sustainable modes, such as walking, cycling and public transport
  • Gather data and user feedback to inform policy and improve the network
  • Get mass engagement, smartly.

The webinar, 7 July 2021


Rhian Lewis, Independent Transport and Engagement Consultant

What we can do and what you get

Richard Kirk, CEO, BetterPoints Ltd

  • Behaviour change position: ‘Things’ need people’
  • BetterPoints App and Platform: tracking, gamification, messaging, rewards
  • Activities, geofencing, message plans
  • Data, data, and data… generating and understanding heat maps, charts and graphs for analysis, modelling and reporting

Building a cutting-edge campaign

John Pinkard, Managing Director, Ansons Consulting Ltd

  • A tailor-made campaign: reflecting your objectives and the local context
  • The importance of communication and local engagement
  • Understand your audience… we do!

About the Speakers

Richard Kirk

Richard has led and developed successful organisations for 30 years. He has a proven track record in the reward and engagement market, in both the public and private sectors. In 2019, Richard took the reins as CEO of behaviour change company, BetterPoints.

John Pinkard

John has successfully led projects for public, private and third-sector clients for more than 25 years, and has built a highly capable team at Ansons Consulting. John has particular expertise in designing, delivering and evaluating the impacts of travel behaviour change projects.

Rhian Lewis

Rhian is an experienced transport planner with a strong background in the transportation industry. She has worked as Principal Transport Planner for JMP and as an Associate for JMP/Systra, and is now an Independent Transport and Engagement Consultant.

Join us on 7 July to see how you can change transport behaviour quickly, cost-effectively, and at scale. We hope to see you there!