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Survey shows strong support for local cycle lanes – even if it means less space for cars

Survey shows strong support for local cycle lanes – even if it means less space for cars

In a recent survey by the UK’s Department of Transport, nearly two-thirds of people (64%) supported dedicated local cycle lanes – even if it meant less road space for cars.

When asked what would encourage them to cycle more, 55% said off-road and segregated cycle paths, 53% said safer roads, and 49% said well-maintained road surfaces for cycling. 

The debate is often polarised into ‘Pro’ and ‘Anti’ camps, so it’s fantastic to hear a greater general consensus for cycling.

At BetterPoints, we know that cycling for transport can be very attractive to people other than enthusiasts, if they’re just given the right opportunities, encouragement and support to give it a go.

For example, Leicester introduced pop-up cycle lanes last year. Here are some of the reactions we had from BetterPoints users about them:

I feel safer. I wouldn’t be cycling without them.

I have now started using my bike to get to work instead of taking the car – something I would never have done before the pop-up lanes were put in place.

The pop-up lanes have made cycling safer and are encouraging me to get out and cycle more. The lanes offer great protection for cyclists.

To me, they have meant that I have started riding a bike again after 15 years since I last rode one. It’s made me change my lifestyle and become more active and healthy.

I was always slightly nervous about cycling on the main roads into the city, but the pop-up cycle lanes have given me the confidence to cycle safely into the city centre. I intend to carry on even after lockdown.

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