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Heathrow Airport sustainable commuting programme and app

Heathrow Airport sustainable commuting programme and app

Case study

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Heathrow Airport wanted to encourage and reward colleagues for relying less on single-occupancy car journeys for commuting, to help cut emissions from surface transport.

BetterPoints built a whitelabelled incentives app and programme to support Heathrow’s well-established Way2Go scheme.

In just four months, 3,500 kg of CO2 were avoided.

Trialled interventions resulted in:

  • 40% fewer car commutes by regular drivers
  • 300% more journeys on targeted bus routes.

How it worked

In a four-month pilot, employees of Heathrow Airport Limited, Border Force and World Duty Free could download the free app and earn Way2Go Points for walking, cycling, car-sharing and using public transport for their commutes.

The app also delivered messages of encouragement and showed the amount of CO2 saved by not using a car. These could be targeted to specific groups, such as to promote the airport’s ‘Rail Air’ routes to car drivers and to consult on ULEZ.

The Heathrow team could also geofence target routes, such as their Active and Sustainable Travel Corridors, and offer extra rewards for using them.

The programme was promoted through internal channels, posters with scannable QR codes displayed in offices, and with offers available only in the app.