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1,000 acts of kindness

1,000 acts of kindness

Two weeks ago we launched four new activities for our app users, to help them stay motivated and engaged during this difficult period. One of those was to answer the question, ‘what have you done today to be kind or connect with others?’

On Monday evening we had our thousandth response to that question alone.

We all know how brilliantly people are coming together and supporting each other, but seeing it in black and white from so many is a wonderful reminder of that ā€“ and that every act of outreach and kindness makes a difference, however trifling it may seem. It’s great encouragement for remaining positive.

We’ve had reports of all sorts of generosity, from volunteering at local food banks to phoning lonely friends.

BetterPoints app users are shoppersā€¦

Delivered groceries to family unable to go out. Smiled at a stranger in queue for doctors.

Delivered milk to someone who is self isolating and can’t leave the house

It’s been a particularly important period to look out for our elderly neighbours so today I have been out shopping and have left a few essential supplies outside their doors x

Picked up some medication for two neighbours


We had a single friend over for (virtual) lunch. She’s distancing on her own so we’ve been trying to think of different ways to connect.

I baked and left cookies on my friends’ doorsteps.

Just made dinner for my neighbours as she is a GP and he works for a school.

I took a dinner to a vulnerable old person.

Just made everyone in my home a cuppa in bed!

Callers and counsellorsā€¦

Just messaged some lonely vulnerable people on Messenger to let them know someone us thinking if them and to check they are okay.

Called a family member who is going through a recent bereavement and isolating who is finding it very difficult.

FaceTimed a pal who is one of the 1.5 million in complete lockdown. And let the lady police officer go before me in the loos at Waitrose!

I have spoken to, messaged and Facebooked with someone who is really struggling with mental illness in the lockdown we currently find ourselves in.

Rang regularly several old and single people who might be lonely.

My bother and I have never been much for staying in contact just because we are always busy with ours own lives.  We live far away and are of different personalities. Well we have been chatting for a few hours. We discovered we are actually not so different as we had always assumed and have vowed to stay in contact even when this tragedy is over.

I have lifted a friend’s spirit. She suffers from anxiety and I helped to.give her coping mechanisms.

Connected with colleagues to check if they were okay and needed anything.

I called two elderly friends to make sure they are fine and had enough food, medicine, and to chit-chat, have a laugh.

Spoke with a friend I had not taken the time to connect with for 2 years due to ‘being too busy’.

Social secretariesā€¦

Organised online after-work drinks with colleagues.

I am hosting an online quiz and chat with friends this evening to give us all something to look forward to.

I created a network group for a cluster of 4 houses next to each other and I am now organising a virtual Easter egg hunt for them.

Co-ordinated a family meet-up across 4 different time zones: mum and brother in Malaysia, brother and family in Thailand, nephews in Paris, nieces in Bordeaux, sister in Dordogne, son in Folkestone and myself in Ashford. Everyone is in lockdown and the meeting allowed everyone to share what’s going on in their lives. Everyone felt much better after the meeting.


Handed out some hand-warmers to the homeless.

As a classroom Teaching Assistant I have been checking in with my children and what they are up to. I read them a story and posted them a video online.

Donated vegetables to a kitchen to make meals for NHS workers

I went to the local food bank to collect some food for a family of eight who are self isolating

Volunteered to sew scrubs for Queens hospital.

ā€¦And sharers:

Delivered jigsaw puzzles to my family.

Took some toiletries to a nurse in my street to take to the hospital to give to patients who were not allowed visitors.

Gave some of my neighbours daffodils, gave sweets to the local post person and refuse collectors.

Left a packet of spare loo roll in our building lobby, with a note that anyone who needed it could help themselves.