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Remembering kindness at Christmas

When lockdown first hit the UK in 2020, we introduced recognition for acts of kindness into BetterPoints programmes. Kindness is win-win-win: it benefits the recipient, the giver and – by creating a knock-on effect – society as a whole. Giving has been shown to increase happiness, reduce stress, boost self-esteem, and improve both physical and…
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Make every day a time of giving

Giving not only benefits the receiver, it can also be a richly rewarding experience for the giver and have a positive impact on their health and wellbeing. All BetterPoints programmes encourage and enable users to donate their points, both to support good causes and as an incentive for those that thrive on philanthropy. We have…
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Recognition of kindness returns to BetterPoints programmes

Three and a half years ago, when lockdowns stopped BetterPoints from encouraging people to go outside, we swapped out rewards for travelling actively with recognition for acts of kindness. Now, on this World Kindness Day, we are reintroducing it into our programmes – to recognise selfless acts that may seem small but can make a…
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1,000 acts of kindness

Two weeks ago we launched four new activities for our app users, to help them stay motivated and engaged during this difficult period. One of those was to answer the question, ‘what have you done today to be kind or connect with others?’ On Monday evening we had our thousandth response to that question alone.…
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We asked our app users how they’re coping – the replies are truly inspiring

At the end of last week, we launched some new activities for our app users during this extraordinary time. These encouraged acts of kindness, home exercise, new experiences and story sharing. That was on Friday. By Monday morning, more than 700 activities had been recorded already; that figure has now passed 1,300 and continues to climb.…
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Change can be better

The UK Government has introduced strict new measures to ensure as many people as possible stay safe and well during the coronavirus outbreak. The frontline support led by the NHS highlights the true spirit of the nation at this time. We’re all being asked to change our behaviour now, to protect everyone in light of…
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