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“My car hasn’t moved for 3 weeks!”

“My car hasn’t moved for 3 weeks!”

Suzy was commuting by car five days a week until she joined Leicestershire’s Choose How You Move programme. She now makes that journey on two feet.

Choose How You Move is run jointly by Leicester City Council and Leicestershire Country Council, to encourage people to replace car journeys with active travel – walking, wheeling, cycling – or public transport.

“I used to drive to work every day”, says Suzy. “After signing up for BetterPoints I now walk every day – my car hasn’t moved for 3 weeks now!

“I love the walk; it wakes me up in the morning, and gives me an opportunity to clear my head before I get home. I’m even plotting longer routes to and from work now so that I get even more steps in during the day!

“I get more exercise, I feel less stressed, I feel happier plus I’ve saved money by not having to fill my car up with petrol constantly.

“Thank you, BetterPoints, for making me enjoy walking!”