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New air quality money in England is spent wisely on Active Travel

New air quality money in England is spent wisely on Active Travel

Active travel initiatives are a really good way to help combat air pollution, and there’s new money to do it in England.

Earlier this month, the UK Government announced £11.6m more for local authorities in England to tackle air pollution. Transport Minister, Trudy Harrison, said:

“Active travel and the switch to zero emission transport plays a huge role in improving air quality and we’re committed to creating cleaner, faster and more efficient ways of getting from A to B”.

Proposals that have won funding include projects and campaigns to ‘Encourage the uptake of green transport including e-bikes’.

BetterPoints programmes are proven to change people’s transport behaviour (check out some of our case studies). We do it through our app by challenging them to try the new behaviour, gamifying it, rewarding them for it, reporting their progress, and engaging directly with them about it.

The app tracks multiple transport modes automatically and out-of-the-box, including walking, wheeling, cycling, e-bikes and scooters, bus, train and tram – in fact, it can track, measure, encourage, incentivise and reward pretty much any activity (see our animation).

We track CO2 and NOx mitigated, and record masses of journey data. Additionally, we can integrate EarthSense’s Defra-compliant, modelled air quality data with your programme’s app timeline, maps, notifications, and your data dashboard.

This extra integration would provide detailed insights into near-real-time and forecast (three-day) air pollution data in any given area in the UK. It would allow you to furnish programme participants with regular updates on air pollution, and raise awareness of air quality issues, directly through the app. They would also be able to check the current air quality status before deciding what activities to undertake.

The choices we make right now are critical to the planet’s survival, and it is imperative we all do everything we can do to reduce emissions. BetterPoints can help local authorities here by changing the behaviour of large groups of people.

If you’d like to know how we can do that for you, drop us a line or request a demo.