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Sustainable travel behaviour change programme accelerates in Brighton & Hove

BetterPoints is delighted to be ramping up its Move for Change programme for Brighton & Hove City Council over a further two years, with a greater focus on engaging under-represented groups and expanding the programme through local businesses. The programme will also harness funds for Bus Service Improvement Plans to work more closely with local…
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Brighton & Hove renews its active travel behaviour change programme for a second year

We are thrilled to be working with Brighton & Hove City Council for a second year, encouraging and rewarding more active and sustainable travel in the area. Over 11 months in 2021, the Move for Change programme reached nearly 12 per cent more people than its initial target, and commanded a high average engagement rate…
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University of Sussex promotes sustainable travel with BetterPoints

The University of Sussex has become the latest higher education institution to use BetterPoints technology to reward and motivate their students and staff for active and sustainable travel. The EcoGo challenge will work in parallel with other wellbeing and sustainability initiatives to make the University a more environmentally friendly place to work and study. Staff…
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Rental bikes with QR codes reward sustainable travel in Brighton & Hove

The Brighton & Hove bike rental scheme, BTN BikeShare, has adorned the baskets of its bicycles with BetterPoints QR codes, to make it easy for people to join the local Move for Change challenge.  Move for Change, which launched in February, was commissioned by Brighton & Hove City Council to reward people for travelling actively…
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BetterPoints transport behaviour change for Brighton & Hove

Brighton & Hove City Council has commissioned BetterPoints to help move more people away from a reliance on private motor vehicles to more active and sustainable forms of travel. The 12-month Move for Change programme is open to all residents and employees in the city. The programme is funded by the UK Government’s Access Fund…
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