BetterPoints transport behaviour change for Brighton and Hove

BetterPoints transport behaviour change for Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove City Council has commissioned BetterPoints technology to promote and measure active travel in the city. It will also monitor temporary infrastructure such as pop-up cycle lanes, extended pedestrian areas and Park Active car parks. The 12-month long BetterPoints programme is open to all residents and employees in the city, as well as engaging with ten local workplaces and 1,700 employees.

The programme is funded by the UK Government’s Access Fund for Sustainable Travel and tranche 2 funding from the Emergency Active Travel Fund. BHCC will use the BetterPoints system to encourage use of their new pop-up cycling infrastructure and measure its impact.

Local people can use the BetterPoints app to earn rewards for tracking their walking and cycling activities, and the Council can then use the resulting data to improve the network and inform transport policy.

Transport routes can be divided into sections as small as a few metres, which means the Council can tell not just which routes are being used, but which specific segments of the routes are being used – as well as when, and how often, people are using them.

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