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BetterPoints transport behaviour change for Brighton & Hove

BetterPoints transport behaviour change for Brighton & Hove

Brighton & Hove City Council has commissioned BetterPoints to help move more people away from a reliance on private motor vehicles to more active and sustainable forms of travel.

The 12-month Move for Change programme is open to all residents and employees in the city. The programme is funded by the UK Government’s Access Fund for Sustainable Travel and tranche 2 funding from the Active Travel Fund.

Starting in February 2021, the initiative incentivises residents to get active and choose a sustainable means of travel when visiting and supporting the town centre.

In doing so, participants will earn ‘BetterPoints’ which can be converted to high street vouchers to redeem in favourite big names and independent shops or donated to a range of charities. They will benefit from a boost to their health and fitness by monitoring their levels of physical activity through the BetterPoints app.

The scheme launches at a particularly important time for businesses after such a difficult year, and is supported by local retailers that are boosting the local economy with the help of BetterPoints.

‘Brighton & Hove City Council are very proud to be partnered with BetterPoints as their app has fantastic potential to help us kick start a green recovery for local businesses through active and sustainable travel,’ says Dan Bianco, Project Manager for Transport Projects and Engineering Team at the Brighton & Hove City Council. 

Everyone who signs up and takes part in the Move for Change programme are in with a chance of winning prizes and rewards for themselves and for charity whilst boosting their mental well-being and physical health. They track their walking, running,cycling, bus and train journeys to earn BetterPoints – our very own rewards currency – which can be redeemed for a whole host of retail vouchers or donated to charity. 

Transportation – the way we travel – is becoming one of the largest causes of carbon emissions all around the world. For many people, the journeys to and from work are the bookends of the daily grind. But how we choose to travel to the office, or even to pop to the shops, is also one of the biggest day-to-day climate decisions we face. 

Dan Bianco says: ‘As one of the first Local Authorities in the country who declared a climate emergency, we really hope that our Move for Change campaign, powered by the BetterPoints app, will encourage commuters to Brighton & Hove and residents of the city, to change the way they travel.’

In many countries, even short journeys which could often be made on foot or by bike are usually made by car. In England, for instance, around 60% of 1–2 mile trips are made by car.

‘At Brighton & Hove City Council  we are very aware of the impacts that traffic congestion has on our city,’ says Dan. ‘It causes air pollution and affects our city and population in many ways. The app will help many people be more active and at the same time support local businesses and shops. BHCC’s Carbon Neutral 2030 objectives and proposed car free city centre for 2023 are our main drivers behind making our Move for Change campaign successful.’

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