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We asked our app users how they’re coping – the replies are truly inspiring

We asked our app users how they’re coping – the replies are truly inspiring

At the end of last week, we launched some new activities for our app users during this extraordinary time. These encouraged acts of kindness, home exercise, new experiences and story sharing.

That was on Friday. By Monday morning, more than 700 activities had been recorded already; that figure has now passed 1,300 and continues to climb.

The fabulous BetterPoints community remains as engaged as ever and determined to stay strong. We asked them to tell us how they’re getting on.

Some are determined to stay resilient:

It’s been hard, trying to keep everyone motivated, open and upbeat during this last week. I have tried to set up a number of family activities to give a goal for each day.


‘I’m on lockdown and working over the Internet. It’s been a learning curve but … it has been positive being able to share what we are doing online and still having fun together.’


Today is my birthday. I’m locked down by myself, unable to see my friends, family or partner. I wasn’t looking forward to today due to being alone; however, thanks to chatting online and messages from people I’ve really felt loved. I’m feeling much more positive.


Some are surviving on the front line, in spite of everything:

I’m a nurse so I have to continue working. But on the days I’m home I have to contend with having no downstairs sitting-room or kitchen due to a flood 14 weeks ago. So I’m confined to a bedroom upstairs and cooking in a garage. But trying to make the most of it. I have to shop a couple of days at a time due to the situation but I’ve now a routine of getting up for the early shop. I come home, cook us a healthy breakfast then sort out the house. And spending loads of time apart: due to my job, my partner doesn’t want to be around me. But once a day we go for a walk – leaving a gap!


Some are supporting others:

Spoke to a dear friend who is in lockdown with her family in the Netherlands and she was crying and her depression was getting to her. I suggested her a gardening task to get some serotonin flowing so she could then focus on her work and family. I reached out later in the day and she said she actually decided to get dolled up and exchanged a few laughs with her husband, and managed to get back to her work.


Gave my last pack of loo roll to a bereaved friend.


Joined a group called Helping our Community, aimed at those who were self-isolating, or the elderly who could not get out shopping, or a hot meal delivered or even just a friendly phone call. Our community coming together to help each other felt amazing, the thought of helping others that possibly needed things you could do for them – what a lovely feeling.


I work for Healthwatch and have been working crazy hours trying to research genuine verified health info and raising awareness and scams. Put a note through all my neighbours’ doors to advise them of all the community aid support there is locally and mobilising our admin volunteers.


We have made a large poster for our front window: “we love our key-workers”. We spend time each morning, my three-year old daughter and I, waving in our large front window to anyone walking by.


Some are keeping active:

Teaching the kids to do jumping jacks in the garden.


Our family – including our 3 and 4 year-olds – have been running lengths in the garden. Our aim is to run a marathon by the time lockdown finishes (2,870 lengths).


I vacuumed two rooms, hall, staircase and landing. I think that was enough exercise to last the week.


…and some are just barking:

I’ve been playing hide and seek around the house with my dogs – brilliant fun ? I call their names and they run to find me – and when they find me, it just makes me so happy, and them too! I have to hide when they’re not expecting it, otherwise they just chase me. Gets the heart rate up ❤️


Trying to teach my dog what to do has been fun and challenging for both of us.