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Walking in May a huge success – but user feedback suggests there are clear obstacles to cycling

National Walking Month was a great success for BetterPoints. Over 4,000 people took part in our dedicated challenge, walking more than 165,000 miles between them. They burned an estimated 16 million calories. And if those journeys had been by car, they would have generated around 64,000 kg of CO2 emissions. Feedback was fantastic. 585 participants…
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Mix it up for National Walking Month with our special activity checklist

Most of us walk for some reason or other – to get to work, to exercise the dog, or simply for the joy of walking. But how much do we really know about where we walk? I’ve trodden the same route at least three times a week for more than a decade, yet I wouldn’t…
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National Walking Month checklist

We’ve put together a short checklist of suggestions for walking and little challenges to make it fun. You can print it out and tick the activities off with a pen, or load it into your pdf reader and check them off on your device as you go.

New medals for National Walking Month

May is National Walking Month. To celebrate, we have created a set of brand new medals for our app users to collect. Straight off, they will achieve our May 2020 medal for their first walk of the month. After that, they can rack up the medals as they rack up the miles. First up is…
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